Swine flu symptoms and its conditions

Swine flu is the seasonal disease. They are many complications that we have to face once if we are effected with the swine flu. Some times it leads to death also. The swine influenza A is the new virus. As it can easily change into pandemic virus. So it will easily spread on the people from person to the person. The vaccine for flue can be prepared using egg based technology. Flu vaccine causes mild reactions.

Swine flu symptoms: In rear cases we get effected with fever at high temperature.
1. Body aches
2. Head ache
3. Cough
4. Sore throat
5. Diarrhea and vomiting
6. Tiredness

In some people we observe the high risks. It effects mainly the young, and elder ones with the major infections. It some leads to the loss of their life. It is really huge problem if it effects in the following cases:

1. Pregnant women
2. Children at below 5
3. People who have obesity problems
4. People who suffer with asthma, diabetes, heart diseases etc.

Swine flu facts and myths:

Here are the swine flu facts and myths that can be observed in this disease.

1. Children can be contagious with swine flu after the symptoms began.
2. The minimum age of people who effected with swine flu is 15years.
3. The myth is every one have to take three doses of vaccine about swine flu.
4. If we prefer to eat pork we can catch swine flu
5. Swine flu A, combines with the bird flu and becomes the strain of influenza. It spreads easily.
6. Wearing mask will some how protect us from the swine flu.
7. Swine flu is inevitable , means loss of lives occur due to this disease.

Self esteem among children

Self esteem in children makes them feel good about themselves and also thinking high of our self. A person with good self esteem can do their tasks easily. They feel good and capable in doing the things. Self esteem in childhood plays a major role in every child life because if we give the things what they expect they will feel happy due to this self esteem can be improved. Healthy self esteem is observed when the good balance is maintained. For adulthoods it is difficult to do change and define themselves. Self esteem fluctuates as growth of kids.

Kids who have low self esteem will think temporary set backs as the permanent. This makes kid feel stress and raises some mental health problems. Making the children to think about them tends to think that they are good people. By born they wont feel about their behavior whether it is good or bad. People who have great impact on children will have great effect in development there are some characteristics for the self esteemed children. Control their behavior, like to be creative and have their own ideas, full of energy,makes friends easily,play by themselves by the other children.

To build the self esteem:
1. we have to praise the children
2. we should show them real affection
3. show interest on each child activities.

The most important people for the children are their parents we should be responsible in building their self esteem that helps to increase their spirit of level to perform the things.

Passive smoking

Smoking is injurious to health. It can be of two different types. They are active and passive smoking. Smoking for their own called as the active smoking. Breathing the smoke caused by the others called as the passive smoking. Compare to active smokers passive smokers are more that harms them a lot. Now-a-days if we see the analysis of the smoking we find passive smokers who are the major sources of the air pollution. Harmful effects due to the Second hand smoke is nothing but the environmental tobacco smoke.

The effects due to the second hand smoke are:
1. dizziness
2. eye irritation
3. nausea
4. sore throat
5. cough
6. it is difficult to breath for the people who suffer from asthma

The long term effects of smoking are lung diseases, cancer, heart diseases. For the pregnant women it effects more because as the development of fetas causes, low birth weight of baby can be raised. Production of milk can be reduced due to the passive smoking. In case of children the development of lung and brain will be improper.

To reduce the risks caused by the second hand smoking we can avoid people around us while we are smoking. The best thing to avoid the risks is to stop smoking. For smoking some areas are suitable which are very dangerous and effects the loss of lives . They are petrol bunks, cars etc. so one should take responsibility to overcome the effects caused by the passive smoking.

Methods for stress relief:

Now-a-days as we all know stress is the main reason for the health issues. There are many effects that we are getting effected with like stress, pollution surrounding, problem with the unhygienic atmosphere. We find many techniques for the stress relief. Regularly doing some physical activities like yoga, exercises, mediation, aerobics etc helps us to maintain our body free from tensions and stress. It helps our body to get relaxed naturally. To become more active and energetic, physical exercises are the best method and the permanent solution for the fat reduction.

Stress is harmful as it interrupts the healthy state of our equilibrium. If the stress makes our nervous system imbalance, then the relaxation methods will bring our system to the normal state. In Every day life, if stress is continued then we automatically face the health problem, at that particular time even if we take precaution it wont support us. There are physical fitness centers that are maintained every where. We can utilize such services ,to maintain good health.

So to maintain good health one should do the physical activities because it helps to reduce fat and maintain the balance of calories. From all those, if we do meditation and yoga we can easily over come from the stress. It is easy to maintain good health if we do meditation and yoga are stress relief busters. It is preferred by all the age groups because we can easily boost our energy by doing the meditation and yoga. Hence both has there own demand.