Benefits of Foam Insulation vs Cellulose Insulation

Benefits of Foam Insulation vs Cellulose Insulation

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One of the components that you should think about when customizing or upgrading your home is the insulation. Insulation is used to keep your home at a constant temperature and is found in some places in your home. The walls and the roof are the main places that you use insulation, but you can also have it in your floors and around certain pipes.

Types Of Insulation

There are two types of insulation you can look at which are available in the market. Foam Insulation and Cellulose Insulation options, but one of the best is Foam Insulation. Below are some of the reasons why you should prefer Foam Insulation to Cellulose Insulation.

Energy Efficient

Foam insulation is one of the newer types of insulation, but it is one of the most energy efficient. With this type of insulation, the foam is sprayed into the space needing insulation and allowed to expand to fill the space. This means you get exactly the amount of insulation that you need but will have enough to fill all of the small cracks. This type of insulation also allows you to install the insulation much faster because all you have to do is spray it on a trait that seems to lack in cellulose insulation.

Main Ingredient

The main ingredient for spray-in foam insulation is the polyurethane which is said to have the highest R value concerning the thickness in comparison to cellulose insulation.The primary ingredients for cellulose insulation are ground newspapers and boron compounds, which are less effective while compared to polyurethane used in foam insulation.

Why It’s A Good Insulator

Foam insulation also allows you to put insulation in places where you would not be able to install traditional insulation. This type of insulation can also be much more energy efficient than cellulose insulation.By improving the insulation, you can create a space that is much more energy efficient than what you currently have. Doing this can greatly reduce the amount of your energy and utility bills, as your home uses the energy more efficiently.

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